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Why AgentCubesOnline?

YOUR game. YOUR world. YOUR rules. AgentCubes lets you build your own 3D games. We live in a 3D world, and increasingly consume more 3D content such as movies, and video games. But what about creating 3D? Most 3D authoring tools have incredibly steep learning curves. Gentle Slope 3D changes everything. Start with familiar 2D tools and gradually advance towards interactive 3D. Make your first 3D shape in seconds, not hours. No previous programming experience required.

AgentCubesOnline’s Features:
3D Agents
Draw 2D images and turn them into beautiful 3D shapes with our patented inflatable icon process.
3D Worlds
Develop advanced spatial reasoning skills! Start with the creation of 2D worlds and gradually turn them into sophisticated 3D.
Rule your World
Go beyond drag and drop programming! Use the full power of your computer to actually help you to compose working programs.
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